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The Prestige

Posted by lostincci on November 28, 2006

From Richard Howells

People who have been to my Visual Culture lectures won’t be surprised that I’ve been to see “The Prestige” (dir. Christopher Nolan, USA/UK 2006). Starring Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Michael Caine, it’s about reality and illusion, set in the world of professional magicians in turn of the century London. I particularly enjoyed the characters’ musings about the way in which an audience wants to be deceived; to know that what they see is an illusion and yet still be enthralled by it.

The “prestige”, in case you were wondering, is a professional term for the final “act” of a magic trick –the part in which (for example) the vanishing lady re-appears.

What I can’t do here is discuss my central concern about the (complex) plot without spoiling the twist –so I won’t! So, if anyone wants to talk with me about this, let’s do it off-blog. In the meantime, I do recommend the film (which is on a general but fairly limited release), subject to this one major reservation.

Oh –and look out for a very good cameo appearance from David Bowie.

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