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The creative economy and the global city

Posted by lostincci on January 10, 2012

Andy Pratt has a new publication – the last of 2011 – that looks at the intersection of debates about global cities and creative cities. The chapter discusses the complex relationship between the cultural economy and global cities; arguing against the commonly held view that culture is an ‘icing on the cake’ for a global city; suggesting instead the cultural economy (in its widest sense: the for and the not for profit sectors) is in many cases become integral to the fortunes of global cities.

A download of a version of this chapter is available:
Pratt, A. C. (2011). The cultural economy and the global city. pp265-274 in International Handbook of Globalization and World Cities. P. Taylor, B. Derudder, M. Hoyler and F. Witlox (Eds.). Cheltenham, Edward Elgar.

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