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Professor Reading in China

Posted by lostincci on October 28, 2016


Professor Anna Reading has been in China, presenting new work and building links with Chinese academics.

At Shanghai’s Jiao Tong University (SJTU) she presented new work building on her recent book Gender and Memory in the Globital Age. The workshop, Culture and Identity: Cultural Memory in the 21st included papers by King’s College London colleagues and was funded by Kings Worldwide Fund and STJU.

Professor Reading and colleagues also had formal meetings with senior figures at Shanghai Normal University and at Fudan University to nurture collaboration with Chinese academics to create research and teaching links between CMCI and cultural industries colleagues in China. The STJU workshop will be followed up in 2017 with Chinese colleagues coming to King’s.

For more on Anna’s recent book on gender and memory, see: Our picture shows Anna (back row, fifth from the left) with SJTU colleagues.

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