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CMCI’s Student Change Maker

Posted by lostincci on October 21, 2016


We congratulate current CMCI MA student Suzanne Alleyne, who has been awarded over £100,000 from the Arts Council, England, to act as a “Change Maker”, increasing the diversity of England’s senior cultural leaders.

In addition to studying with us, Suzanne is a creative producer and consultant who has worked with the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Southbank Centre, Tate Britain and the Roundhouse.

Through the Arts Council’s Change Makers programme, Suzanne will undertake a training placement at the Apples and Snakes poetry and spoken word organisation, seeking to bring change to the sector.

Suzanne is one of twenty Change Makers: disabled and black and Asian minority ethnic leaders from across the country receiving a total investment of £2.57 million.

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Posted by lostincci on October 19, 2016


We don’t know how often ‘Tuefftoggle’ is played here at King’s College London, but thanks to CMCI’s Dr Ricarda Vidal, it certainly has been now.

It was part of event that Ricarda, along with Maria-José Blanco and Carolin Huth, staged as part of the college’s Arts and Humanities Research Festival, which this year has a theme of “play.”

Ricarda and her team have been researching the connection between translation and play. Between April and July 2016 they collected memories of games played by British and international students and staff of King’s College London when they were children. They ended up with the names and rules of games from 19 countries, which they translated into English, both literally and by finding equivalent games. They also interviewed participants and conducted a series of ‘game sessions’, which they recorded and edited into a short film, together with additional research.

Based on their collection of favourite childhood games, they devised a series of new multilingual games, which were presented alongside their short film at the festival. Our picture shows a group playing ‘Tuefftoggle’, which involves writing a multilingual story.

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Paul Sweetman in Seville

Posted by lostincci on October 18, 2016


CMCI Senior Lecturer Dr Paul Sweetman is back from Seville, Spain, where he took part in the Fifth European Colloquium on Culture, Creativity and Economy (CCE5).

Organised by colleagues at the Universities of Stockholm and Uppsala, and co-sponsored by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) and Knowledge Works (The Norwegian National Centre for Cultural Industries), the colloquium took up and continued an international and interdisciplinary debate on culture, creativity and economy originally initiated during a workshop in Padua in 2011 and subsequently given an institutional character as a European Network of Excellence during colloquia in Uppsala in 2012, Berlin in 2013, Amsterdam in 2014, and Florence in 2015.

As well as presenting a paper on “The Cultural Economy of Subcultures”, Paul also took part in a panel discussion on “The Individual and Subjectivity in the Creative Economy”, where he talked about his current work with CMCI’s Dr Jo Entwistle on appearance amongst creative workers, and his developing project with Professor Dominic Power (Stockholm) and Professor Atle Hauge (Lilihammer) on subcultures and creativity.

Paul and his conference colleagues are pictured against an impressive Andalusian skyline by Hang Kei Ho.

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Posted by lostincci on October 18, 2016


Dr Sarah Atkinson, our Senior Lecturer in Digital Cultures, was one of the consultants for a new report: “From Live-To-Digital: Understanding the Impact of Digital Developments in Theatre on Audiences, Production and Distribution.”

Dr Atkinson was, of course, the organiser of our own successful live cinema conference and event in May this year –the first national discussion of this increasingly popular way of engaging with the arts in the UK (see the CMCI Blog for April 26, 2016).

The report was driven by the Arts Council England, the Society of London Theatre (SOLT) and UK Theatre, who  are actively interested in the opportunities and questions that ‘Live-to-Digital’ – the combination of event cinema, streaming and downloading online, and television broadcast – presents across the full range of arts and cultural forms.

You can see the full report and read their conclusions at:

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Meet Our New Visiting Fellows

Posted by lostincci on October 14, 2016

notley evans

We are delighted to welcome two Visiting Fellows to CMCI this semester: Dr Tanya Notley and Dr Heather Brunskill-Evans.

Dr Notley (pictured left) is currently a Lecturer in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at the Institute for Culture & Society Western Sydney University (USW). She will be with the Department for an initial period of three years while working with Professor Anna Reading for the duration of their joint research project funded by the Australian Research Council (shared between WSU, KCL, and various other universities). Dr Notley will be dropping into the Department intermittently over the duration of this four year research project. Her first visit is just two weeks, and has just begun.

Dr Brunskill-Evans (right) is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Medical Humanities at University of Leicester and will be joining us for an initial period of six months, with a view to extending it. She is a social theorist and works on the bio-politics of pornography, prostitution, the sex-trade and transgenderism as discursive practices that occur within the context of sex inequality, neo-liberalism, global capitalism and the proliferation of digital-technologies.

Welcome, both.

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Swing If You’re Winning

Posted by lostincci on October 14, 2016


Students on our MA module ‘Music and American Culture’ enjoyed a class outing to London’s Jewish Museum, led by tutor Dr Kevin Milburn.

They participated in ‘In the Groove Late’, a special evening that tied-in with the museum’s exhibition, ‘Jukebox, Jewkbox! A Century on Shellac and Vinyl’. The theme of the exhibition – the pronounced influence that Jewish songwriters, composers, performers, inventors, and record industry executives had on the evolution of popular music and the music industry, especially in North America – was one that linked in closely to the ‘Music, Migration, Modernity: New York’ lecture and seminars that Kevin taught in the same week.

The evening, which included a curator’s talk from the museum’s Head of Exhibitions, Jo Rosenthal, culminated with a joyous swing dance class that was led by the ‘Swing Patrol’, who as well as being great dancers proved themselves to be remarkably patient with anyone who had two left feet, which (the blog is informed) was nearly everyone…

If you would like to go to ‘Jukebox, Jewkbox! A Century on Shellac and Vinyl’ you need to hurry, the exhibition ends on Sunday, 16 October 2016. See:

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When The Data Stops

Posted by lostincci on October 7, 2016


A second Australian scholar is preparing to talk at CMCI, adding to the international profile of our departmental seminar series.

Next up is Dr Tanya Notley from the University of Western Sydney will be speaking on: “Data, Memory and Territory: Exploring the Political Economy of Data Centres”.  Here, Dr Notley will argue that without data centres, our world stops. Flights are grounded, Wall Street closes, and the Internet grinds to a halt. So what can we do about it?

This presentation introduces a new research project that seeks to explore the social, economic, cultural and political implications of data centres. Focusing on data centres in Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney, the project, carried out in collaboration with CMCI’ Professor Anna Reading, aims to advance understandings of how these facilities are contributing to, challenging and transforming ways of living and working.

CMCI PhD and MA students are invited to join the academic staff for the seminar from 16.00-17.30hrs 12 October 2016 in the Strand Campus, room S-3.20.

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Listen to Nick

Posted by lostincci on October 3, 2016

Baroque and Roll

Our Reader in Reader in Creativity, Arts & Cultural Management, Dr Nick Wilson will be speaking ‘In support of Early Music‘ on a specially commissioned programme, marking the 70th anniversary of BBC’s Radio 3 on Sunday 9th October at 2pm.

Together with Catherine Mackintosh and Peter Holman, both distinguished performers, he will be reflecting on the role of the BBC (and Radio 3 in particular) in enabling the early music movement to thrive in Britain, and across the world.

This is a subject covered in Nick’s 2014 book The Art of Re-enchantment: Making Early Music in the Modern Age (Oxford University Press). The panel discussion is chaired by The Early Music Show’s Lucie Skeaping.

Details at:



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Alejandro in Print

Posted by lostincci on October 3, 2016


Congratulations to CMCI MA alumnus Alejandro Librero, who has just published an academic article on urban cultural economics. His undergraduate dissertation as a business administration student at Carlos III University in Madrid was updated along with his tutor, Pedro Gomes, and the resulting article will feature in the next issue of the Journal of Cultural Economics.

‘Evaluating Three Decades of the European Capital of Culture Programme: A Difference-in-Differences Approach’makes use of econometric tools to measure the economic impact of hosting the European Capital of Culture, with findings pointing towards an increased GDP per capita in cities hosting the cultural event. You can read the article at:

Publishing at such an early stage of a career is unusual, so special congratulations to Alejandro: his article is now being recommended to his successor students at CMCI.

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Our Doctoral Students in Action

Posted by lostincci on September 29, 2016


Doctoral students from CMCI held a symposium on ‘Transnational Memory in the 21st Century’. They explored the role of media in the ‘transcultural memory turn’, together with the controversial concepts of transnationalism and globalisation in the digital age.

The symposium featured keynote talks given by Joanne Garde-Hansen from the University of Warwick and Stef Craps from Ghent University in Belgium, in addition to panels on a range of topics from ‘Transgenerational Inheritance’ to ‘Nations, Place and Memory’.

The day also featured contributions from CMCI’s Professor Anna Reading and Dr Jessica Rapson.

The event was funded by the King’s Graduate School and contributions from CMCI and PhD students from the Department of German at KCL, together the Department of German at Leeds University, who co-organized the event.

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