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Home on the Move Comes to London

Posted by lostincci on July 2, 2018

Briony for poster

After stops at the Whitstable Biennale and the Ledbury Poetry Festival, “Home on the Move”, headed by CMCI’s Dr Ricarda Vidal, is coming to London for the summer.

As we reported here in June, this exhibition of European artist films, sound art and poetry in translation is the result of a journey undertaken by two poems about ‘home’.

The London series of events begins on 26 July 2018 with the exhibition opening and preview at the National Poetry Library (Royal Festival Hall (Level 5), Southbank Centre, London, from 19:30-21:30. Here, Ricarda and colleagues will present a short performative reading of the poems and their translations. This will also be an opportunity for the poets, artists and translators who took part in the project to meet each other and, of course, to meet the public. The event is free, but you do need to book:

Then on 27 July 2018, “Home, Belonging & Language: a day of exploring” takes place here at King’s College London from 9:00 – 18:00. This event combines group analytical methods with talks and presentations by their invited speakers as well as a practical workshop and an open forum Again, it’s free, but please book your ticket here:

“Talking Transformations: Home on the Move” then continues until 23 September at the Poetry Library, Southbank Centre, London. Picture credit: Briony Campbell.

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Utopia Unlimited

Posted by lostincci on June 29, 2018

The World

Utopia is always worth thinking about, and CMCI’s Professor Richard Howells has been talking and writing about it, too.

He began with an invited presentation to the “Is Utopia Possible?” event, which was part of the Bonas MacFarlane extension lecture series for non-traditional university applicants, held at the London School of Economics. This is part of a pro bono initiative by the firm for supporting academically ambitious students from widening participation backgrounds across the UK.

Two days later, his review of Michael Robertson’s The Last Utopians: Four Late 19th Century Visionaries and Their Legacy (Princeton University Press, 2018) was published in The Times Higher Education, June 28 to July 04, 2018 p. 50. The online version is available here:

Our image shows a detail from “La Mode”, an illustration from J. J. Grandville’s Un Autre Monde (Another World) from 1844.

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Besides the Screen

Posted by lostincci on June 25, 2018

Besides the screen banner_2018

CMCI is collaborating with colleagues in Portugal with a series of events about the archiving and preserving of audio-visual materials in the 21st century.

Under the title: “Besides the Screen: Vaults, Archives, Clouds and Platforms” we are joining with the Centro de Investigação em Artes e Comunicação and the Instituto Universitário da Maia in Porto to stage a conference, an exhibition/screening programme, and a book launch here at King’s.

The topic of archiving and preservation has gained even more significance as forms and formats of audio visual media continue exponentially to expand. As a result, people working in archives, museums, libraries and cultural organisations must shoulder the seemingly impossible tasks of sourcing, storing, maintaining and making accessible an ever-growing catalogue of media history.

The London organising committee comprises CMCI’s Dr Virginia Crisp, Dr Sarah Atkinson, Dr Jessica Rapson, and Dr Anna Woodham, along with independent curator Gabriel Menotti Gonring.

The London events take place between 2-3 July 2018 on KCL’s Strand campus, while the Porto events are from July 5-6.  For full details, including how to book, go to:

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Arthur’s Room

Posted by lostincci on June 20, 2018

Arthurs Room -- painting

The name of artist Alfred Cohen may not be on everyone’s lips at the moment, but when he died in 2001, his Guardian obituary described him as a “brilliant colourist and deft draughtsman” while the Daily Telegraph reported his friendships with Anthony Quinn, Ingrid Bergman, Kirk Douglas, Sophia Loren, and David Niven.

In anticipation of the centenary of his birth in 1920, CMCI’s Professor Richard Howells was an invited speaker at a study day held at the Courtauld Institute of Art in conjunction with the Centre for American Art.

Howells spoke about Cohen’s 1986 painting “Arthur’s Room” (pictured here), which he argued was an exercise in memory and imagination in addition to being a formally impressive work in its own right.

Other speakers came from Australia and Italy, in addition to the United Kingdom. The event was organised by Professor Max Saunders, current director of KCL’s Arts & Humanities Research Institute. Further research and events are planned.  Picture credit: ©Estate of Alfred Cohen, 2001.

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The Page 99 Test

Posted by lostincci on June 19, 2018

Cohen Elligton Keynote

What is the “Page 99 Test”? CMCI Senior Lecturer Dr Harvey G Cohen knows, having twice been invited to subject his work for scrutiny.

The “Page 99 Test” follows the maxim of American early 20th-century novelist Ford Madox Ford that one should: “Open the book to page ninety-nine and read, and the quality of the whole will be revealed to you.” The test’s website has spotlighted dozens of new books over the last 11 years using that method.

It is accordingly revealed that page 99 of Cohen’s new book Who’s in the Money (2018) includes master choreographer Busby Berkeley and dozens of struggling Warner Bothers chorus girls. You can see Marshal Zeringue’s evaluation at:

Cohen also participated in the “Page 99 Test” for his first book Duke Ellington’s America in 2010: Our picture shows Cohen in action during a recent keynote address on Ellington at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

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Richard Howells and the Campaign for the Humanities

Posted by lostincci on June 8, 2018


Richard Howells, our Professor of Cultural Sociology, is featured in the “Spotlight on…” section of publisher Palgrave Macmillan’ s “Campaign for the Humanities” website.

Professor Howells was invited to write an opinion piece on the value of the humanities, which he contributed under the heading: “Know, then, thyself, presume not God to scan; The proper study of mankind is man.”

“There was a time when one did not have to make a case for the humanities”, laments Howells, who proceeds to mourn the concept of “impact” as an apparent justification of the value of the humanities today.

He refers more optimistically, though, to the CMCI event: “Beyond Value for Money” in which Sir John Tusa told the audience that the arts were “a public good” while the impact they had was “a private matter for the recipient”.  You can read Richard Howells’ opinion piece here:

Readers wondering about our choice of image may recognise it as a portrait of Alexander Pope, who in his “Essay on Man” of 1734 declared “Know, then, thyself, presume not God to scan; The proper study of mankind is man.”


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Home on the Move

Posted by lostincci on June 5, 2018

Home on the Move

CMCI academic Dr Ricarda Vidal goes into curator mode for the opening of “Talking Transformations: Home on the Move”, an exhibition of artist films, sound art and poetry in translation.

It’s based on two poems which themselves have “travelled” across national borders and then returned “home”: Welsh poet Deryn Rees-Jones’ poem ‘HOME’ travelled from the UK via France to Spain and back, while  Polish poet Rafał Gawin’s ‘DOM. KONSTRUKCJA W PROCESIE SĄDOWYM’ (“Home. Structure on Trial”) travelled via Romania to the UK and back to Poland.

Both poems were written on the basis of workshops with local communities in the UK and Poland. In each country they visited, the poems were translated by a literary translator and a local film artist. Visitors to the exhibition will be able to read the two poems in ten different versions; watch the artists’ visual interpretations in seven film versions; and to listen to the various language versions in an immersive sound collage.

The event is curated by Ricarda Vidal and Manuela Perteghella, with additional input from CMCI’s Dr Kate McMillan. It can be seen at the 64a Gallery, 64a Oxford Street, Whitstable CT5 1DG from 9-10 June; full details at:

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Panis Angelicus

Posted by lostincci on May 24, 2018

Times Higher Logo

Universities often turn up in fiction, and Richard Howells, our Professor of Cultural Sociology, is always interested to see how they are represented in literature and popular culture.

A case in hand is Penelope Fitzgerald’s The Gate of Angels (originally published in 1991), set in the fictional St Angelicus College in Cambridge and nominated for the Booker Prize. In a review as part of the Times Higher Education’s “What Are You Reading?”column, Howells compares the quietly cerebral St Angelicus with another fictional Cambridge college, the famously riotous Porterhouse of Tom Sharpe. The food is considerably better at the latter.

Richard Howells is a regular contributor to the Higher’s book review sections. You can read his latest piece at:


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CMCI PhD Conference 2018

Posted by lostincci on May 23, 2018


Our postgraduate research students extend an invitation to the King’s CMCI PhD Conference 2018.

This will be the fifth year that they have staged this event. This time they are staging a one-day conference on at Bush House, former headquarters of the BBC World Service (1940-2012) and now part of King’s College London. Appropriately, this year’s theme is: “World in Flux: Exploring Cultural and Media Studies in a Changing World”.

The keynote speakers for this year’s will be CMCI’s Professor Anna Reading from King’s College London and Professor Catherine Grant from Birkbeck, University of London.

The event takes place on June 15, 2018. Details are available on their new website:

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Moving Hearts: The Video

Posted by lostincci on May 18, 2018


The final video of the Moving Hearts project featuring CMCI’s Professor Anna Reading is now published on the Internet.

People were invited to make clay models of human hearts, which were then carried in procession over the river from King’s to London’s Migration Museum at the Workshop in Lambeth. Moving Hearts (see our earlier blog of March 1) of is a collaboration between Anna, Australian artist Penny Ryan, and Dr James Bjork, also from King’s.

It was organised in collaboration with the PLuS (Phoenix London Sydney) Alliance, which combines the strengths of three leading research universities on three continents – Arizona State University, King’s College London and UNSW Sydney – seeking to solve global challenges around health, social justice, sustainability, technology and innovation.

You can watch the final project video at accompanied by music by David Kelly.


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