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Translation Games on Tour

Posted by lostincci on April 27, 2015

Layout 1

CMCI’s Dr Ricarda Vidal takes her Translation Games project on tour –this time to Wokingham as part of the Library Fest event. The aim is (once again) to inspire participants to see different art forms through a translator’s eyes, to make new sensory links and to tap into their creative potential.

Ricarda and collaborator Katrina Barnes will draw on two visual translations produced during Still: Denise Riley to Image and challenge participants to retranslate those into a poem. At the end, they will reveal the original poem and compare it with the versions produced during the workshop. What has been preserved? Is there an essence?

The workshop is aimed at participants with creative interests from age 16 and above (but we are sure no MA students will be turned away). It takes place on 9th May 2015, from 2-3.30 pm. To book a place call Wokingham Library on (0118) 978 1368. Extra details at:

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Britterna älskar griniga gubbar

Posted by lostincci on April 27, 2015


Readers in Sweden now know a little more about the appeal to the British ‘characters’ such as Jeremy Clarkson, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage –thanks to CMCI’s Dr Ruth Adams.

Under the headline “Britterna älskar griniga gubbar”, Ruth was interviewed for a feature in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. The Stockholm-based “SvD” is among the biggest circulating newspapers in Sweden.

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Posted by lostincci on April 24, 2015


Our Reader in Culture, Media and Creative Industries, Dr Richard Howells, was a guest speaker at a “Harvard Authors” event in London.

Together with the rest of the panel, Howells gave advice on the publication process to other writers, both established and aspiring.

Profits from the event went to the Harvard Book Prize fund, which donates books prizes to outstanding students in 150 secondary schools from across the UK. Dr Howells next book, A Critical Theory of Creativity: Utopia, Aesthetics, Atheism and Design, is published this summer.

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Manchester Sees the Light

Posted by lostincci on April 23, 2015

Light Manchester

The Configuring Light/Staging the Social programme continues to roll –this time into Manchester. The fourth research seminar in the series will consider issues around light and sustainability and will discuss ideas from the wide range of work being done on light and lighting both within and outside of academia.

This latest seminar is a collaboration between the Configuring Light/Staging the Social programme and the Sustainable Consumption Institute at the University of Manchester. Configuring Light/Staging the Social is co-ordinated between the London School of Economics and King’s College London and features CMCI’s Dr Jo Enwistle, who recently gave her own research seminar on light to CMCI academics and PhD students.

The details are: SCI/Configuring Light Seminar; 30th April from 1.30pm-5.15pm; Room 10.04, 10th Floor, Harold Hankins Building; University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL; Free tickets:

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Dead Exciting

Posted by lostincci on April 17, 2015

Power of Death - Book launch - 15 May (2)

Members of the CMCI community are invited to take a peek at the world beyond…in the form of a book launch, round table and exhibition/film screening complete with a wine reception.

The book is The Power of Death, edited by our own Dr Ricarda Vidal, together with Maria-José Blanco. The event will also feature artists Briony Campbell and Sarah Sparkes, together with researcher Ricardo Gutierrez Vargas, and the exhibition includes Sarah Sparkes’ coffin (pictured on the cover) and short films by Briony Campbell, Colette Copeland, Spiros Jacovides and Rune and Erik Eriksson.

Join us in the River Room, KCL, on 15 May 18.00-21.00; more on Facebook:

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A Great Place to Visit?

Posted by lostincci on March 30, 2015

According to the Kent Tourist Office, the former sea-side resort of Folkestone is a great place to visit. But is it? A group of MA CCI and MA ACM students and two of our lecturers took a field trip to find out how far that description really holds true -or whether the pastel paint is already flaking…

Their visit began with a talk by Nick Ewbank who gave the group an overview of Folkestone’s many declines and rises. After a lunch break they met with two local artists, Brigitte Orasinski, artistic director of the Folkestone arts charity Strange Cargo, and Matt Rowe, a ceramic artist and curator.

While both praised the investment and the idealism that drove the foundation of Folkstone’s Creative Quarter and the Triennials, they were at the same time aware of the pitfalls and problems inherent to a regeneration which was largely imposed from above and where some decisions seemed to have been made more with a view to appearances rather than to artistic needs.

Our picture shows the group with lecturer Dr Ruth Adams and expedition leader Dr Ricarda Vidal.

Folkestone Trip

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Harvey Cohen’s Blurred Lines on the BBC

Posted by lostincci on March 26, 2015

CMCI’s Dr Harvey G Cohen appeared on the BBC World Service to talk about the recent ruling in the United States that Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams’ 2013 single “Blurred Lines” was plagiarised from the 1977 Marvin Gaye hit “Got To Give It Up.”

Cohen agreed with the ruling, arguing that the resemblance between the two songs was even closer than the famous 1970s plagiarism case against George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord.” Media reports indicate, however, that Thicke and Williams will probably contest the ruling.

The one thing that should not be disputed, Cohen maintains, is that “Got To Give It Up” is “one of the greatest dance tracks of all time”, and he is proud to own the 11-minute 12” vinyl copy of the track. That said, we are also proud to picture the Marvin Gaye single here.


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CMCI goes K-pop

Posted by lostincci on March 23, 2015

K Pop

King’s Asian CCI Research Society have been in action again, this time exploring fandom and Asian popular culture. Their most recent event featured four different presentations including Dr. Haekyung Um from Liverpool University (pictured in action at the event) who shared her research on K-pop fandom in the United Kingdom.

King’s Asian CCI Research Society is advised by CMCI’s Dr Hye-Kyung Lee, and they have their own blog at:

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Taking Comedy Seriously

Posted by lostincci on March 19, 2015


“Jagshemash!” Dr Richard Howells, our Reader in Culture, Media and Creative Industries, was a guest speaker at the Centre for Comedy Studies Research, Brunel University, where he gave a research paper: “No Laughing Matter?: Race, Identity and the Humour of Sacha Baron Cohen”.

Baron Cohen is well-known as the creator of comic personae Ali G and Borat, the spoof Kazakh television reporter. Both characters created controversy with their TV and feature film appearances. Dr Howells’ research on race, humour and identity investigates the sociological content of popular comedy.

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CMCI Student Honoured in Qatar

Posted by lostincci on March 17, 2015

Latifa Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 10.04.50 PLatifa M

Congratulations to CMCI student Latifa Al-Darwish who has been honoured by the Gulf Cooperation Council with an award for her work as a filmmaker in addition to her contributions to social, charity and volunteer campaigns.

The ceremony took place in Qatar, where the Deputy Emir Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al-Thani honoured executive leaders and outstanding young people in the GCC countries for their influential role in the field of youth action and sports.

The Gulf Cooperation Council member states are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

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