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Conference Prize for CMCI Doctoral Student

Posted by lostincci on January 27, 2016


Congratulations to current CMCI doctoral student Roger Hallam, who has been awarded the prize for the best PhD paper at the MeCCSA (Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association) conference.

Roger’s paper reported on a randomised, controlled trial he set up between with two political campaign open meetings. One was highly participatory – small discussion groups and everyone deciding on the campaign. The other was a more conventional left wing meeting -four speakers back to back followed by a short question and answer session.

Reported feelings of empowerment were over 80% for the participatory meeting; 20% for the conventional meeting. Roger’s argument is that the variable – the participatory structure – created the empowerment. The conclusion is that participatory meetings are key to political empowerment.

Roger’s PhD at CMCI is on the design of effective mechanisms of progressive/radical political empowerment; his supervisor is Dr Nick Wilson. In addition to the honour, Roger received a cash prize for his winning paper.

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Richard Howells Adresses World Leaders Programme

Posted by lostincci on January 18, 2016


CMCI cultural sociologist Dr Richard Howells was invited by the British Government Foreign and Commonwealth Office to address their International Leaders Programme, held in central London.

Dr Howells spoke to delegates from around the world on “Creativity and Culture: The Role of the Arts”.

Sadly, event protocol does not permit us to report the content of Dr Howells’ presentation, nor the identities of the other speakers and participants. We do know, however, the speakers were encouraged to be frank and direct, and believe that Dr Howells did not shy from this invitation.

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Fashion Victims –and Men with Beards

Posted by lostincci on January 15, 2016


CMCI senior lecturer Dr Jo Entwistle appeared on BBC Radio 4s “Thinking Aloud” programme to talk about how we make sense of fashions.

First, she discussed fashions that cause harm or even kill (for example, mercury and arsenic in dyes, flammable clothing especially Victorian women’s dresses). Second, she spoke about male facial hair and why so many men are growing beards and what they say about contemporary masculinity.

Dr Entwistle argued that there’s a tendency to see women as ‘victims’ of fashion when there is much evidence to suggest men are equally caught up in the fashion system.

She was speaking with host Professor Laurie Taylor, and the whole programme can be found at:

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Ashes to Ashes, Funk to Funky

Posted by lostincci on January 12, 2016

Bowie Soho

CMCI teaching fellow and popular music specialist Dr Kevin Milburn writes:

“I’ve seen London in shock (Diana), angry and defiant (7/7), and disbelieving and delirious (winning the Olympic bid), but, until today, I’ve never seen it sad. In the summer I led a music walking tour of Soho, the most popular stop (more than the Beatles themed ones) was Heddon Street, site of the Ziggy sleeve; that thrill of sharing a space in which he’d been, loving the alien. Like all great pop stars he was otherworldly, but his star burned the brightest of them all. So yes, a Starman who belonged to everyone, and, like Lennon, ultimately a New Yorker, but also a London lad (who never hid that in his voice), a Brixton/Beckenham boy who did good and went far, as acknowledged today by the moving and eerie quietness in his hometown. Ashes to ashes, funk to funky. x”

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A Hamster Called Lolita

Posted by lostincci on January 8, 2016


How much do you know about CMCI academics and their memories of Christmas past?

For example: Whose family played out the Cold War over the turkey dinner? Who was once a department store Santa? And who had a hamster called Lolita?

To find the answers, check out the “memories of Christmas” section of the last Faculty of Arts and Humanities newsletter, with three of the eight contributions coming from our department: Dr Jo Entwistle, Dr Ruth Adams and Dr Richard Howells.

All is revealed at:

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Posted by lostincci on December 9, 2015


CMCI Teaching Fellow Dr Kate McMillan has received a substantial grant from the Australia Council for the Arts to produce a new film-based work commissioned by ‘Momentum: Global Platform for Time Based Art’ in Berlin in collaboration with the Humboldt Institute.

It will be part of a major exhibition, conference and publication called “Palinopsia” in April 2017 with three other artists on the issues of trauma, loss, migration, memory and forgetting. The CMCI blog can reveal that Kate will be using King’s Gordon Museum of Pathology as a film location when she begins shooting in March.

Meanwhile, Dr McMillan has some small works in an exhibition called ‘Somewhere In-Between’ in London until the end of January at the Karavil Contemporary gallery, 91 Mortimer Street, Fitzrovia.

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The Pedagogy of Ambiguity

Posted by lostincci on December 7, 2015

Pedagog 2

CMCI’s Dr Nick Wilson hosted a one-day conference on The Pedagogy of Ambiguity at the King’s College London Strand campus. Delegates attended from across the UK to share thinking on creative practice arts-based approaches to learning and assessment. The event heard how colleagues and students within King’s, ranging across liberal arts, humanities, nursing, midwifery, dentistry, bioethics, culture, media and creative industries (that part presented by CMCI’s Dr Jessica Rapson) were adopting novel approaches to foster and motivate creativity in an educational context.

Dr Arthur Burns – our Vice Dean Arts & Humanities (Education)- opened the event, and announced that the Faculty had awarded funding to The Pedagogy of Ambiguity research project, which Nick is leading, to develop guidance and further understanding of creative and arts-based learning and assessment within the Faculty over the coming year.

Further events and publications are planned, as well as the continuing development of nABLE (the Network for Arts Based Learning & Education), which Nick launched in 2011.

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Entwistle at the Speed of Light

Posted by lostincci on December 7, 2015


From Sweden to the Netherlands to Whitehall… it’s hard to keep track of Senior Lecturer Dr Joanne Entwistle’s research travels this winter, but the CMCI blog is doing its best to keep up.

First stop was a keynote presentation at the annual meeting of the Swedish Cultural Approaches group in Uppsala University with Jo speaking on ‘The sociology of light’.

Thence to Eindhoven, Netherlands, where Jo organised the fifth in the Economic and Social Research Council Configuring Light Seminar series. This latest event was hosted at the Philips lighting headquarters, which is located there.

Nearer home, Jo has now been invited to a Cabinet Office policy ‘speed dating’ event at Horseguards on the subject of how to get more arts and humanities research into policy.


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Tate and Empire

Posted by lostincci on December 7, 2015

Nuria Querol


CMCI’s Dr Nuria Querol presented a paper at the conference “Artist and Empire: Curating in a Transnational Context” at Tate Modern in London.

Nuria presented her exhibition “The presence of sound”, that she curated at Botin Foundation in Santander in 2013, on the arrival of sound reproduction technologies in India and its impact on contemporary culture.

The Tate conference, held in collaboration with Birkbeck, University of London and Culture at King’s marked the opening of the exhibition Artist and Empire, which considers the art created under the conditions of the British Empire, its aftermath, and its future in museum and gallery displays.

For more information, go to the conference website:

And to the Artists and Empire exhibition:

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Loving the Unloved

Posted by lostincci on November 25, 2015

They may be unloved by many, but CMCI’s Dr Anna Woodham has been doing her bit for those overlooked museum collections that can still have an emotional appeal.

For example, she took part in the “Who Cares: Interventions in ‘unloved’ museum collections” conference at London’s Science Museum, and also a LATE event at the same venue.

Anna reports that around 4700 people attended the LATE evening. Activities included object handling and “boring bingo” from young curators. Our pictures include the public “fun vote” for unloved collections with votes recorded on the back of the team’s t-shirts.

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