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Loving the Unloved

Posted by lostincci on November 25, 2015

They may be unloved by many, but CMCI’s Dr Anna Woodham has been doing her bit for those overlooked museum collections that can still have an emotional appeal.

For example, she took part in the “Who Cares: Interventions in ‘unloved’ museum collections” conference at London’s Science Museum, and also a LATE event at the same venue.

Anna reports that around 4700 people attended the LATE evening. Activities included object handling and “boring bingo” from young curators. Our pictures include the public “fun vote” for unloved collections with votes recorded on the back of the team’s t-shirts.

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Work Cut Out!

Posted by lostincci on November 20, 2015

Sign of the Times

CMCI’s Dr Richard Howells is converting some of his academic expertise into community action: He’s just been appointed a director of the Victoria Institute in Arundel, West Sussex.

What he and a group of fellow volunteers and trustees is doing trying raise over £2.5m and turn a (frankly) run-down old building into a community arts venue.

As you will see from our photograph, it’s going to take a great deal of work in addition to all the money!

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Thanks for the Memory

Posted by lostincci on November 20, 2015


Just to remind you… Recordings of the The Stuff of Memory symposium at the Wellcome Collection are now available online.

Blog readers will recall that CMCI’s Professor Anna Reading gave a presentation on “Globital memory stuff” (See CMCI Blog, October 5th). You can access the recordings at: If you would like to refer back to the day’s schedule, go to

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A Little Talk About Murder

Posted by lostincci on November 17, 2015


Why are the public and media are so fascinated with serial killers and the criminally insane? CMCI’s Dr Ricarda Vidal will join forensic psychiatrists Dr Nigel Blackwood and Professor Thomas Fahy to discuss the relationship between criminal behaviour and mental disorders in relation to topics such as free will and genetic predisposition.

Dr Vidal will provide an insight into society’s fascination with death and murder, in particular, serial killer art and why people want to buy it.

The Mind-Brain Forum: Criminal Minds takes place on Tuesday 17 November, 18:30-20:30 at G.12 NHH, Guy’s Campus. Cost: Free for members (£5 annual membership), £2 for non-members.
To find out more please email: There will be wine and nibbles after the talk.

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Gone But Not Forgotten

Posted by lostincci on November 16, 2015


What role can culture play in widening the understanding, representation and remembrance of extinction in the natural world? CMCI’s Dr Jessica Rapson is co-organising a one day conference on the subject of memory, culture and extinction at London’s Natural History Museum on December 11th.

The event aims to foster dialogue between academics, journalists, museum curators, charities, writers, environmental groups, and the media to explore how societies engage with the complexities of the processes of extinction and the remembrance of the extinct.

Further information at:

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Anna Reading Innaugural Lecture

Posted by lostincci on November 10, 2015

Celebration of Education at the IOPPN on the 21/10/2015. Photo: David TettCelebration of Education at the IOPPN on the 21/10/2015. Photo: David Tett

We are very happy to share these photographs of Professor Anna Reading‘s Inaugural Lecture, which was held at King’s as part of our annual Arts and Humanities Festival.

Anna spoke on “A story of memory: Gender materiality technology” and her well-attended lecture was followed by wine and canapes.

Professor Reading has played a leading role in the developing field of cultural and media memory studies especially in gender and cultural memory, and is head of the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries here at KCL.

We could not resist including this  picture of her “Wonder Woman” bag, captured at the event by David Tett Photography.

Celebration of Education at the IOPPN on the 21/10/2015. Photo: David Tett

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The Fashioned Body

Posted by lostincci on November 10, 2015


You can now hear an interview with CMCI’s Dr Joanne Entwistle on the Ideas Books website, which describes itself as: “an interview show about the best, most groundbreaking non-fiction books of the year.”

Jo here is talking about her book The Fashioned Body, the second edition of which came out with the Polity Press this year.

The book gives a wide-ranging and original overview of fashion and dress from an historical and sociological perspective. You can hear the interview online at:

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All of This Belongs to You

Posted by lostincci on November 5, 2015


CMCI Senior Lecturer Dr Ruth Adams has had an essay published in the Victoria and Albert Museum‘s Annual Review 2014-15. Ruth was invited to contribute a piece which critically considered some of the V&A’s more politically engaged activities of the past year, in particular the exhibitions ‘Disobedient Objects‘ and ‘All of This Belongs to You‘.

The V&A’s Annual Review is intended primarily for a readership of the museum’s trustees, donors and supporters, together with people who work within the arts, government and academia. It seeks to reflect and encourage thought and discussion around the museum’s activities, rather than simply communicate the museum’s achievements. It is edited by Tom Phongsathorn, an alumnus of the MA in Cultural & Creative Industries, who also edits the V&A Magazine.

Our image shows some of the ‘how to’ guides for protesters distributed as part of the ‘Disobedient Objects’ exhibition.

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Congratulations, Dr Ferdinand!

Posted by lostincci on November 3, 2015


Congratulations to Nicole Ferdinand, who has just been awarded her PhD at CMCI.

Nicole wrote her thesis on “From Port-of-Spain to Notting Hill and Beyond: The Internationalization of the “Trinidad-style” Carnival” in addition to being active in carnival research in the UK including with the “Carnival Futures” project, which took special interest in looking ahead to the the Notting Hill Carnival, 2020.

Dr Ferdinand was supervised in CMCI by Dr Ruth Adams. Well-earned celebrations all round.

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Love is in the Air

Posted by lostincci on November 2, 2015

Sunrise (dir. FW Murnau, 1927)
Love is in the air the British Film Institute this month –and CMCI’s Dr Richard Martin is contributing to the romance with three events (but, happily, no funeral).

On Thursday evenings from 5 to 26 November, he’ll be leading ‘The Course of True Love‘ – a four-week course exploring the connections between cinematic narratives and the stages of relationships.

Then On Monday 9 November at 6.30pm, I’ll be giving a talk entitled ‘Love, Sex and the Cinematic City‘. Also on 9 November, and at 8.30pm, he’ll be introducing Murnau’s classic ‘Sunrise‘ (we’ve provided a still, above). For full details go to:

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