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This blog is a place for students and staff of Cultural and Creative Industries at King’s College London to:

(a) comment and discuss topics relating to cultural and creative industries
(b) preview and review films, books, concerts, plays, etc
(c) leave a link to your own blog using the blogroll
(d) share information about forthcoming events
(e) indulge in personal musings and reflections

If you’d like to make a post or send details of your own blog, just put it in an email to If you’d like to comment on someone else’s entry, please feel free to use the comments facility.

NB this blog is not for official correspondence relating to the CCI programme. For this please continue to use the normal channels, i.e. discussion with CCI staff face-to-face, by phone or by email.

Hope to see you here soon!

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Miss wordpress said

    haha, I am the second one to post a reply! Nothing much to say, really. Hope this place will bring together ppl’s ideas, and also give ppl inspirations in return. Let’s rock it!

  2. wega said

    hahaha…i am the third o.0~~and Ralph i have seen your blog too~, 一個倫敦人企圖學中人….企圖

  3. bibomedia said


  4. Tammy Ho said

    Wow CCI has a blog – this is very cool.

  5. lostincci said


    We are glad you like it.

    Richard Howells and colleagues. Please join in as much as you like!

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